Northeast Ohio wedding DJ gig in Minerva Ohio.

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Congratulations On Your Engagement! DJ Bobby Severns is your choice for Northeast Ohio Wedding DJs. 

We sincerely wish you the best in all of your future endeavors! This is the beginning a new and beautiful life for the both of you.  Why not start the marriage off on the right foot by choosing Pro Party DJ for your ceremony and/or reception services?  Why not take out all of the hassle of planning and take advantage of the years of professional wedding ideas that Pro Party DJ has to offer?  This is truly your night, let us cater our services to meet your every need!

What do you receive with a package from Pro Party DJ:

▪ An Experienced Northeast Ohio Wedding DJ – Since 1999 Bob Severns has been doing weddings and live entertainment gigs all over Northeast Ohio.  He has seen it all, from the wedding with a mosh pit, to the senior-citizen wedding at the Salvation Army and has always risen to the occasion and quickly adapted to make sure that your party flows the way you expect it to and that your guest are enjoying themselves.  DJ Bobby is not one that sits back and plays with light dimmers and fumbles with his phone to pass time.  He is constantly making an effort to understand your guests needs which helps to get them involved in the festivities without being that cheesy game show host type. 

▪ A Professional File-Based Sound System – Gone are the days of lugging around 3 or 4 huge cases of CDs.  Our portable library contains over 50,000 properly licensed tracks with the ability to obtain virtually any song your guest asks for from a legal online record pool on-the-fly.  For your audiophiles, most MP3 files are encoded at 320Kbps which is indistinguishable from CD, so you are not sacrificing quality.  All you gain is a world of convenience.  Why wait 20 minutes while the DJ fumbles for the song? Requests can be playing right after the current selection.  Our stage system accommodates all venue sizes and comes with two backup systems (including an iPad with access to all songs for your event).

▪ A Professionally-Run Evening – We use a very detailed wedding planner to make sure that all of the special events–cake cutting, bouquet, father/daughter dances, etc. are executed nicely and the DJ communicates regularly with the caterers, photographers and videographers to keep the party moving and make sure that all of the special moments are captured to share for with generations.

▪ A Huge Assortment of Add-on Items – Karaoke, Games, Dance Contests, Game Shows, Live Music, you name it and Pro Party delivers!  We have an extensive list of services that he offers for the reception to make sure the fun never stops. Whatever fun game you can dream up, Pro Party has the ingenuity and the resources to make it happen.  We have a list of over 25 add-ons to custom tailor your party. 

▪ The Best Prices In Town for the Quality – We understand that you should be able to have professional-quality services at your reception without mortgaging mom and dad’s house.  That is why we offer many flexible packages for you to choose from.  Call around and compare, and you will find that Pro Party DJ out-prices other services of professional quality almost without fail. We are the Northeast Ohio Wedding DJ of choice. 


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