Affiliate Program


Have you ever wished that you could make more money in your spare time?  I know that this sounds like one of those internet hoaxes, but this is a true bona fide way to make some cash.  My name is Bobby Severns and I am choosing to use the power of my friends to try and secure more paid DJ gigs.    

Last year, Pro Party DJ entertained at over 50 events including private parties, corporate events and 25+ weddings.  All of this business was generated by word of mouth.  Yes it is true!  I did not spend one dime in advertising in the Yellow Pages, the newspaper,  Craigslist or by doing bridal shows.  I used the power of word-of-mouth referrals and my friends to help get the word out about my services.  

Now, it is time to give back to you wonderful folks that have helped me.  I am prepared to offer booking bonuses of up to 20% to you.  These bonuses will be paid less than one business week after the event is complete and I will pay you by check or by PayPal (whichever you prefer).  

Just to build a frame-of-reference, here are my unlimited party rates for 2023:

Canton-Area $995

Akron-Area $1195

Cleveland-Area $1495

So with some simple math, it is easy to see that you can make up to $250 per gig just by telling your friends and acquaintances about my services.  But why stop there?  Corporate events may have a gross ticket in the thousands which could make you hundreds of dollars.   Weekly karaoke or DJ gigs that you refer for a local bar, restaurant or establishment could become a way for you to generate residual income into the future.  

Answer any of the following questions and you qualify:

  1. Do you know someone who is getting married and needs a DJ?  
  2. Do you want a way to make upwards of $100 in less than 30 minutes of work?
  3. Can you use the telephone and make one quick phone call?

Here is how the program works:


  1. Email me and ask to become an affiliate of
  2. Once you are approved (confirmation email), get the word out:
    1. Ask me for some business cards to bring to your Partylite, Amway, Pampered Chef, Tastefully Simple or Tupperware parties.
    2. Place ads in your local church or organization’s newsletter
    3. Make cold calls from wedding announcements in the newspaper
    4. Visit your local flower/dress shops
    5. Talk to friends in your sorority/collegiate organizations who are preparing for a wedding
    6. Suggest me to your club officers for special events, dances
    7. Use your influence with your local PTO to help me garner school gigs
    8. Suggest my services to your friends, church groups, or businesses
  3. Send your referral to and be sure to tell them to put your name in the referral box. 
  4. Once the event is booked and completed, you will decide if you want your referral bonus via check or Electronic payment.
  5. Your payment will be delivered in less than one business week after the event’s conclusion or when the event is Paid in Full.
  • 5% Bonus on first referred gig
  • 10% Bonus on second gig and any referrals in the future (must be registered as an affiliate)

Here are a few rules:

  • I will only travel up to 70 miles from my location 7148 Pilot Knob Ave, Louisville, Ohio 44641
  • If you have a question on the distance, Map It!
  • Bonuses will be paid only after the completion of the event.  If the party pays in full in advance of the event, you will be paid when the payment is complete.